Doug DeMuro Just Destroyed Your Chances of Buying an EP3 Civic for under $10,000

Neo-classic speculation has come for the dark horse Civic generation.

I'm gonna level with you, race fan. I wasn't aware I could be emotionally hurt by a Honda Civic. I'm sure there's an irrational Honda boy out there right now, with the same anger and rage that I feel, now that I know the EP3 Civic market has been forever changed. In case you're not up to speed, we can start with this recent Cars and Bids listing.

"Highly modified" 2004 Civic Si (The EP3 Generation)

THIS.... is a 2004 Civic Si that just sold on Cars and Bids for $14,720. A few of us in the Collector Car Feed Discord have been playing a virtual Price is Right style game, trying to predict the hammer price on auctions as they end. Today, however, I was not prepared for this letdown It happened again: an outlier is attempting to sway the market. If you have seen some of my past articles (or click here) you'll see I am not a fan of outlier cars setting the market price.

Before I decided on my prediction for the hammer price, I did a search of all the EPs currently for sale. Of the Si variants, only a handful came back with under 150k miles. Of those 3, none were stock or even near stock. Most of them were cracked, chipped, dinged, and dented. Every single one of them was slammed. At this point, I was thinking even with Honda bois being irrational, there's no way they're worth a lot of money. With that knowledge in hand, I slapped down a $7200 prediction and went about my day.

Here it is, in all its shame.

As I said in the beginning, I was not prepared for what this auction would bring. My fear, which I'm saying out loud now, is that the EP3 market is about to double in price. When potential Civic sellers do their due diligence, one of the first sales they're going to find will be this Cars and Bids auction, safely confirming the (delusional) thoughts they continue to have: The riced-out civic in the driveway is finally worth something.

So in closing, I hate when this happens. I hate it even more when it happens in real-time, right in front of my eyes. It's like watching your favorite childhood actor do rips at the private table in a Vegas club. You hate to see it, wish you could be in on it, but ultimately nobody is going to be the same afterward.

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