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Found on the Feed: 1999 Honda Prelude

Low mileage? Not today. Pushing 200K somehow doesn’t devalue a 90s Honda.

The Honda Prelude is an often overlooked JDM classic. Available worldwide in a variety of trims, the Prelude could be configured a plethora of ways with either an F22 or the more sought after H22. These motors were similar to the coveted K series but more affordable and easily built. The Prelude is often a unique foray into the JDM market, instead of the all too common Honda Civic.

Looking relatively clean and stock.

This 2001 Honda Prelude example appears to be perfect for your first foray into building a streetable JDM classic. Particularly clean as the below picture shows, this body has 176k miles with a replacement clutch. while initially, that seems to be a lot of miles, this car is rife with Ebay Build potential. The H22 Motor that comes with this example is a great first motor to work on, as things tend to be a bit more simple.

Just as clean on the inside.

Overall, this is still a Honda and it will be a very reliable car even without the motor work. However I believe any expert will agree, you should always start your build with a stock, clean example so you know what you're getting into. With this vehicle being a California car, you can rest assured that rust won't be the biggest issue you will run into during your build. With a price of $4000, you'd have to wheel and deal a bit to make this a great deal.

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5th gen Preludes are very handsome cars, Honda knocked it out of the park with that design. High cost of entry made them not as popular as Civics of the day, but that’s the recipe for a fairly unique cruiser today.

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