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Double Your Money With This DC2 Acura Integra GS-R

This Teggy on Fat Fives is worth every dollar the seller is asking, and probably a whole lot more.

I like the Integra Type R. I like it a lot. Stitch welded chassis, obscene bright paint schemes, and decals that launched a decade of Autozone rice aisle sales. But I will never own one, and neither will you. The ITR market has exploded much like the Mk4 Supra and many other desirable 90s JDMs, and now, for most of us, save the oil barons and crypto bros, they're out of reach, and they're never coming back.

But, you can still get the next best thing, if you keep your ear to the rail that is, stay vigilant, and react quickly. The GS-R is the more common, less refined little brother to the ITR. No stitch welded chassis, no suede interior, but it still has the B18 and it's ready to party. It's also way cheaper than a Type R: while your average ITR on Bring A Trailer will pull over $40,000 and sometimes breach the six figure mark, GS-Rs tend to sell in the teens, even with mileage similar to the gem pictured in this article, which I recently found on Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $6900.

Bright red, fat fives, 100% stock, no rust, and 156K on the clock. I've found two examples on Bring A Trailer with similar mileage, one selling for $13,750 and the other for $15,250, both within the past four months.

So what are you waiting for? If you're in Ohio, empty your checking account and pick up this quintessential 1990s Honda hot hatch. Bet it on red and double your money.

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