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Found on the Feed: Rally Spec Pulsar GTI-R

So uh… Group A, anyone?

The Nissan Pulsar is the (already) eccentric Nissan fan's Nissan. These were some unique little hot hatches made for the Japanese market, and never quite made it here to the United States (we got the Sentra instead). That's kind of a shame, because certain models (GTI-Rs) came with a SR20DET, all wheel drive and the rest of your classic 90s Nissan tropes. The only thing this little car didn't do is race Mt. Akagi against a certain panda Trueno. [editor's note: fact checked for accuracy. It's true: Takumi never races a GTI-R]

That brings us to today's model, which is set up to be a true Group A rally car, which, according to Wikipedia, was an actual thing Nissan did! However, this particular example, found on Facebook Marketplace, is a recreation, appearing to be a GTI-R underneath, as stated by the seller: "NOT saying its a NISMO car !! Has some Nismo parts !!" But nevertheless, this is a cool car, decked out with everything you'd need to attend the next New England Forest Rally with your favorite co-driver.

There do be a redtop there

Now, the price isn't exactly cheap at $19,500. But I'm going to forgive that for the fact that it's both a 90s Nissan with an SR20DET (thanks, Bring a Trailer) and a bonafide Rally Car. It sounds like at the end of the day there's some room to wiggle here, being that it's been listed for a week now. With the rest of the mods the seller lists, I don't have a ton of doubt that this would be a solid weekend driver.

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