Recalibrating The Feed: What’s New, What’s Changing, What to Expect

On the death of “Every X For Sale in America”, a refocus on automotive journalism, and new Feed features.

First, thanks for reading and supporting this project! This thing has changed substantially since its inception as a Discord bot, first expanding to a blog with original journalistic endeavors sprinkled amongst auto-generated “Every X For Sale in America” daily posts to keep things moving, and then evolving to a forum format with tables of for-sale cars and trucks (and now bikes and ATVs!) to peruse.

You’ve scanned your last “Every X” style blog post. The aforementioned forum has rendered these posts obsolete. If you want to see “Every E36 BMW M3 For Sale in America”, for example, you can just go to the E36 M3 thread, which is updated every day, and now has some new sources beyond just Facebook: if you haven’t visited in a while, you may be elated to discover we now also search eBay Motors, Bring A Trailer, and Cars And Bids, and there are more sites coming! We want to see those gray market Canadian Skylines just as bad as the Canadians who browse this site, so Kijiji is on the table.

While “Every X” is gone, the blog isn’t going away. This week, we’re pushing car content every single day. There’s a new Collector Car Feed Podcast up right now (did you know we have a podcast?), in which four of us take turns presenting cars we’ve found on The Feed, while the other three shoot holes in our dreams. Part Four of the Toyota Celsior series is coming, detailing the ups and downs of importing a JDM classic. There’s a Datsun 240Z post coming this week as well, and a look at the insanity Bring A Trailer has wrought on the 240SX community.

Finally, to replace the “Every X” series, a new daily post format is coming, which better captures what I’ve been trying to recreate this whole time. This new, yet-unnamed daily post will now feature vehicles found in the past 24 hours: new listings only. Focusing on cars over 15 years old, we’re going to filter out junk prices ($1234) and junk mileage, only looking at cars with under 100,000 miles on the clock. The idea is to recreate cracking open a brand new, print-edition Auto Trader that you just brought home from the corner gas station, hopefully finding, without a laser focus on a single model, something worth looking into. The first post will drop this Friday.

Thanks again for reading, and thanks for all the suggestions and ideas you all have sent. You’ve all helped shape this site, and it’s starting to evolve into exactly what I was hoping for from the beginning. This coming week is full of journalistic gold, so stay tuned.

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