This Factory Five 818 kit car on Facebook Marketplace doesn’t look like the picture on the box

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. But, I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The Factory Five Racing 818S, at least on the Factory Five website, looks pretty sweet. It's a mid-engine kit car built on the 02-07 Subaru Impreza/WRX, and seriously, it looks incredible in the press photos:

Sure, the body panels don't line up just right, but black hides everything. Sheesh!

This is FF's most affordable kit, starting at around $11000. And it promises a great time: buy the kit, throw in your junker Subie (we know there's a lot of those eating up space in a lot of garages), put in the sweat equity, and baby you've got a purpose-built street machine unlike anything else on the road. Fun times and mad props from Cars and Coffee dorks in bucket hats and Tevas are yours to be had.

Unfortunately, this white 818S is the more likely final product of your labor. I'm not saying this guy completely fucked up, but damn dude. What's up with all the aggro vents? Why did you put a screen door on the back? Why are there vents on those... what are the bumps behind the headrests called on roadsters? Can somebody tell me? Anyway why are they vented?

This dude sunk his blood sweat and tears into this thing and wound up with what looks like a cross between a salvaged C7 Corvette and a Polaris Slingshot rented on Turo. He wants almost twice what Factory Five claims it'll cost to build one of these and says you "can't build one for what I've got it listed for". I'm sure FF's estimate is way off the mark, but damn dude, if you're going to ask full price, could you at least have not built a kit car that rivals 70s VW Beetle kits in heinousness?

Anyway, if you want to lowball him, hit him up.

What could have been.

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