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The TOYOTA CELICA is an underappreciated ’90s hot hatch

A forgotten FWD relic from a simpler time.

I'll be real with you. I have no idea who this girl is, and this video is barely about the 6G Toyota Celica GT at all. And really, maybe it deserved to be forgotten in the US: we never got the good one. Yeah, we got the 4g and 5g All-Tracs, about 4,000 total across both generations, but we never got a single all wheel drive, 3S-GTE powered 6G Celica GT-Four. Toyota completely blew us off.

Anyway, this video is actually a Readers' Rides compilation. We asked our viewers (and readers) to send in their cars, they did, and this is the end result. We'll do more in the near future. Want to send yours in? Click the video, find the email address, and hit us up. Thank you!

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