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Ranking Every MK4 Toyota Supra Turbo on Facebook Marketplace

A nostalgic one hour trip to a time before TikTok. Wow, the Scion FR-S is finally going to drop next month!

Today we tier the Mk4 Toyota Supra Turbo, one of the most desirable Japanese sports cars ever made. Also, one of us pulled a beer before liquor. Fights break out about:
-Mk3 Supra's place in tuner and collector car culture
-Which Japanese car has the best taillights? (Mk4 Supra vs. FD RX-7 vs. 180SX Type X)
-My cohosts' disgusting taste in body kits (these dudes are stanning the Veilside catfish kit that Erebuni put on everything in the 00s, wtf?)

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