Duncan Imports vs Shutting Down a Bring A Trailer Con Artist

Gary Duncan signs his posts like a boomer and it gets him in hot water over on BaT.

Gary Duncan of Duncan Imports was caught bidding up an already shady Nissan 240SX auction by the 240SX detectives over at

We lay it all out in the video above, but basically, this 590 mile 1995 Nissan 240SX zenki had some prior issues that Duncan had failed to fully disclose when it was listed for sale on their website in 2020 for $39,000, and they sure didn't bother to fill in the details this time, listing it on Bring A Trailer. Some OG 240SX gunners didn't agree with that and took the auction to pound town.

In an attempt to save the auction, Gary Duncan bid up the auction himself, dropping $19,427 on the table and telling everyone to bid higher lest he walk away with it. Thing is, he was using an alt. That's called shill bidding and it's pretty much the shittiest thing a car dealer could possibly be caught doing, which he immediately was, because this boomer signed one of his old BaT posts "Gary Duncan".

Would you ever buy a car from this absolute legend?

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