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What cars do YOU want to see?

Yes, you, actual reader. What are you looking for?

I want to narrow our search a bit. Daily Deals missed a few days due to some issues with my server, but now that we're back running, I want to make it something I personally actually want to scroll through. For me personally, that means 90s and 00s Hondas and Toyotas: the Civic Si, RSX, and MR2 Spyder. It also means 80s and 90s Nissans: Z32 300ZXs, S13s and S14s, and the Sentra SE-R. And maybe some oddball Subarus like the Brat could keep it interesting. What that doesn't include, in my perfect vision, is hundreds of F-150s and Super Duties, any sort of German car at all really, and maybe less Plymouth Prowlers wouldn't hurt.

But nobody's tastes are the same, and I want to make sure I'm still including your interests in these posts, and what we aggregate on the forum. So what do you want to see? Email me directly at to tell me what you're looking for, or let me know in the Discord server.

I'm also thinking about reducing the number of emails to every other day, or maybe three times a week. If you know about this site and come here regularly anyway, do you really need a daily notification in your mailbox? Do you want one? I'm open to either way, continuing daily or switching to a few times a week. I'm pushing the limit on my free Mailchimp account right now, so dialing it back wouldn't hurt. Again, let me know what you think!

There are some new features in the Discord server (get notifications for specific searches, with filters for year price, mileage, and keywords!), and a few other updates worth mentioning, but I'll tell you about them in a separate post. Thanks for reading!

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