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Site Update: Daily Deals Revamped

The Deals are finally here

If you haven't taken a look at Daily Deals in a minute, I don't blame you. Where are the deals?

Up until now, the Daily Deals post has been a collection of all cars found in the past 24 hours with less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. The idea was maybe this would help you find a low mileage Bring A Trailer darling to flip.

Unfortunately, when you're dealing with 10+ year old cars, limiting to a hundred thousand miles rules out the vast majority, and what if you're not necessarily looking for a cherry example? What if you just want to get behind the wheel of a 240SX or 4Runner and don't really care about the number on the odometer?

Daily Deals has been reworked. Now instead of limiting by mileage, it shows everything we've found in the past 24 hours (and will soon include live auction listings). To help make sense of the mess, I've added labels to standout listings, both positive and negative. There's a 1-5 dollar sign price rating, markers for low and high mileage, and a quick warning if the price or mileage looks fake. The price and mileage labels are model-specific: previously, anything under 100k was considered "low mileage". Now, low and high mileage labels are based on the mileage of all similar vehicles I've found in the past six months. The same is true of price labels. Everything is based on similar vehicle data instead of arbitrary numbers.

Our goal here has always been helping you find a good deal, and I think this is a massive step forward in living up to it. This functionality will be added to the forum pages as well in the near future, along with some other tweaks and new features. This site is never "finished", there's always something else to fix or improve.

Anyway, the YouTube channel needs subs, so smash that bell or whatever.


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