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Two Pack: 1989 Nissan 240SX coupe and Suzuki Sambar KS4 kei truck

Automatic, but you don’t care: it’s going on Bring A Trailer the second you get the new title in the mail.

Look, the color scheme isn't really my thing, but if you're starting an Instagram tuner car raffle company, or edgy fake JDM sticker and tshirt brand, or tuner-inspired synthetic vape juice brand, you need to take a look at this package deal on Facebook Marketplace.

Priced right at fifty grand USD and currently located in Phoenix, Arizona, this pair includes a 1JZ swapped USDM Nissan 240SX coupe and a tiny Suzuki pickup.

Look, it's just a cool pair. It's OBO. The colors are heinous, but if you have bad taste, you're set.

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